OIS Primary School 


Key Stage 1: Years 1-2 ages 5-7

The Key Stage 1 curriculum is designed to keep students interested and engaged in their learning and to ensure that there is continuation and progression from the Foundation Stage years. The broad and balanced UK curriculum ensures progression and continuity for each child and is enhanced with trips, visitors, art projects, theme weeks and specialist teaching.


Physical development is important at this age and our children swim, dance, take part in gymnastics and team games. Our classrooms are bright and engaging, reflecting the current unit of work and the children's continuous learning. Literacy and numeracy tools cover the walls, immersing children in language and acting as scaffolding to reinforce concepts.


We involve parents in children’s learning wherever possible and offer workshops so they can support their children's learning at home. Students receive some homework in these years predominantly in numeracy, spelling and occasionally other areas such as literacy and humanities.


Key Stage 2: Years 3-5 ages 7-11

The Key Stage 2 is an enjoyable time for students as they begin to acquire more knowledge and skills such as independent learning, reflection and self assessment.


Our children in these years learn the full range of subjects within the CAIE curriculum:


  • English – Literacy, Handwriting, Reading, Listening

  • Mathematics

  • Science

  • Global Perspectives

  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

  • Music

  • Humanities (Geography/History) 

  • Art

  • Physical, Social and Health Education

  • Languages (Russian and Kyrgyz)

  • Physical Education


These subjects provide progression and continuity in Years 3-5. Students experience a wide range of teaching styles and activities. They may spend the day as a Roman or an Egyptian, cooking up a delicious meal or being evacuated as refugees.


Our primary scientists benefit from the equipment used higher up the school to refine their experiments, and our mathematicians enter local and international competitions. We invite artists from all disciplines to visit the school to work with our children and we have a great programme of musical and dramatic performances.

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