Mangahigh is one of the world’s first gamification platforms for maths and coding, helping students develop a conceptual understanding of key topics and building their confidence in the subjects.

Built by a team of education experts, Mangahigh supports teachers in providing a unique learning experience for each student through our AI algorithm and curriculum-aligned content.

Comprehensive data collection affords teachers a variety of summary and reporting tools, which help alleviate the pressures of teacher workload, and allows them to focus on building the four c’s of a 21st century learner: communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity.

Our school director, Mrs. Dawn Merrill awarded Oxford students with their Mangahigh medals and certificates that arrived from the UK. Each student who scored over 150 point in the international Manghahigh mathematics competition received a medal and certificate. The overall effort of all OISB students contributed to Oxford placing third in the international competition. We are very proud of our students for representing our school and the Kyrgyz Republic. 🌏