It has been an exciting first two weeks of football at Oxford, with our Junior Boys football team winning 8-1 over Quality Schools International (QSI). Aman Kanev scored a stunning 5 goals, along side Bektur with 3 goals to dominate the game. Askar (captain) was also strong in defence. The Oxford Girls had a close and hotly contested game against QSI Girls. Olga scored the first goal of the match to put Oxford ahead, but Oxford couldn't hold quite hold on and went down 1-2.

The Oxford Senior Boys team played a much older outfit of QSI boys. Aslan was excellent in attack, along side Said who both scored 2 goals each. Imran, our goal keeper deserves a special mention for his lightening fast reflexes, which saved Oxford on more than one occasion. Oxford went down 4-6 in their first game but the boys should be proud of their efforts and great sportsmanship.

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