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Year 9 At the Library

On Thursday, 24 Nov 2016, the year 9’s made a visit to the Republican Children's and Youth Library of Bayalinov (a part of the Kyrgyz National Library) in Tynystanova Street, between the Russian Drama Theatre and the Opera Ballet Theatre. They were very welcoming and showed us around, answering all our questions. They have a very large room sponsored by the American Embassy where all the books are in English. They didn’t seem to have a Collected Works of Shakespeare, but they did have a few of his plays. In the Kyrgyz room we found out that Chingiz Aitmatov takes up a lot of their shelf space, but Lev Tolstoy takes up three whole shelves in the Russian room! There is a room dedicated to Other languages, sponsored by the Goethe institute, and a room dedicated to very young early readers! They have wifi and access to an on-line library of thousands of titles. Books are available to borrow, but a library ticket needs be set up first. It was a very informative visit. We delayed our departure long enough to help them stage a Mannekin Challenge in the English reading room and went to have a bit of lunch in Bishkek Park before coming back to school.

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