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USA Trip

Day 1

OIS enjoyed a walking tour in Manhattan. We walked through Central Park, saw Wall Street, Rockefeller Center, 5th Ave, took a boat ride on the Hudson River to see The Statue of Liberty. We saw where John Lennon lived and saw the memorial where the Twin Towers used to be.

Day 2

Today we enjoyed walking through Central Park to the American Museum of Natural History. After this we enjoyed a personal tour at the prestigious, ivey league college called Columbia. Four of the US Presidents went to school there and the school was opened in the 1750. It was owned by King George before America became independent from England.

Day 3

Today we traveled by bus from New York to Boston via Connecticut. We had lunch at Subway. The bus ride took 4 hours. Boston is north of New York and a lot colder. Our walk after arrival was short. We saw the Boston Library, went to Mall, and had a nice dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. Inside the Library Third largest Library in the US build by the founding fathers of America.

Day 4

Today we visited the oldest University in America and the number one University in the world Harvard University. We had an admissions overview and guided tour of the campus. After this we toured Cambridge and purchased some Harvard memoriabilia. We then walked the freedom trail in Boston where the founding fathers began their journey to independence from England. Also the first public school and abolitionist began their talks about abolishing slavery.

Day 5

OIS participants flew from Boston to sunny Florida. The flight was three hours long. After arrival we spent the day in a beautiful mall and all had the opportunity to shop. Some enjoyed the perfume section at Macy's.

Day 6

Today we visited the world famous Kennedy Space Center. The first man landed on the moon from this rocket launch pad. We had lunch with an astronaut. The visit was amazing and soon any of us can take a ride into space for a large fee.

Day 7

We spent the day at Disney World.

Day 8

We had a great time at Universal Studios in Florida.

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