Art Week

Oxford International School celebrates Art Week dubbed "ARTbeat: Stop. Create. Repeat." from January 31 - February 6, 2018. The school community engaged in a variety of exciting activities including art workshops, film viewing, art trivia, and costume play.

A highlight of the festive occasion is the school-wide art exhibition that showcases students' creative, inspired, and hard work from Reception to Yr. 8. The exhibits feature 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional art forms created with various media and techniques in drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture. With much enjoyment, students, faculty, staff, and parents of the OIS community viewed the displays along the 2nd and 3rd floor hallways.

Indeed, Art Week 2018 promises to be a wonderful learning experience for OIS students. It provides opportunities to expand their knowledge of the Visual Arts, enhance artistic skills, and deepen appreciation for art and culture.

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