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Honour Role

For the month of March, the class of Y8 hosted the Secondary Assembly. The theme of Hope & Tolerance was presented in a variety of ways. A musical skit teaches the life lesson that one must not lose hope in times of trouble or crisis. The situation will get better, however, people need to work hard at solving the problem. A video entitled "Hope Springs Eternal" was a compilation of interviews by Y8 students with different OIS community members. Students, administration, faculty, and non-teaching staff were asked what they hoped for their family, their country, and the world. The interviewees also responded to how they can realise these hopes. Another video on Tolerance was shown; it explains why developing this trait is important in attaining peace. The class of Y8 then recited their Pledge for Peace and closed their presentation with community singing of Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror". They sent the powerful message that one can change the world for the better by first and foremost, becoming a better person.

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