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English Week

During the English Week our students managed to get into the future! Thanks to the well-coordinated work of Einstein and students of the primary classes, the time machine was repaired and we had a time travel. In the time of the future we met the robot Mr. XYZ3000, the teacher in a school of future. He told us about his school and we all were horrified! Just imagine in the school of the future there are no objects loved by children other than mathematics! Of course, we did not agree to study in such a school, because we just adore our Oxford, and we told the robot about it by singing the song. Mr. XYZ3000 liked it a lot! And then he flew to visit his colleagues and tell them about Oxford International School. As for us we made own projects named "Schools of the Future" and presented them at the English language lessons. We hope that in the future, all schools of the world will be exactly the same as our children came up with. Because in such schools children would be truly happy and successful

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