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Being Principled

Year 10 did their assembly on "Being Principled" today which brought many thought-provoking questions to the minds of Secondary students. A serious and humourous video, created entirely by Year 10 students was shown, as well. What can you do to act with fairness, show respect towards others and take responsibility for your actions? Let's all strive to become more principled!

In addition to learning about being principled, Secondary students were awards with certificates for December and January Students of the Month. Let’s congratulate the following students in the hallways! Amina Zakirova (Y7), Suzan Shahin (Y8), Osman Tasher (Y9), Aijigit Mamatov (Y10) and Dastan Ryskulov (Y11) won Student of the Month for December!

Cem Dede (Y7), Baytemir Zakirov (Y8), Emir Lee (Y9), Rukiya Maetova (Y10) and Aliya Kerezbekova (Y11) won Student of the Month for January!

Congratulations to all!

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