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Science fair

A great learning experience involving more than learning is the Science fair. our young scientists (Lower and higher secondary ) find good answers for environmental, physical and scientifical questions by modeling, presenting and testing their projects in a very positive and inspirational environment during the science fair. Most projects involve also a good deal of math and management and all students get an opportunity to enhance their presentation skills when they prepare their display boards and discuss their projects with the judges. A science fair project will also have a longer duration than any other assignment a student has done. In contrast to the typical school homework due the next day or perhaps a week hence, a science fair project requires a student to learn to plan over two or three months, a skill of immense importance in adulthood. Procrastination is definitely not rewarded Preparing a science fair project is an excellent example of what education experts call active learning or inquiry (also "hands-on" learning). It is a very effective instructional method; indeed, it is recommended as a cornerstone of successful science teaching in Oxford international school Announcements for science fair winning projects will be posted later by the Science Fair Committee Ahmed Hussein Science Fair Committee coordinator

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