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Students of the Month for February & Ecosia

1. Students of the Month for February were chosen and presented with their certificates on 28 February. The following students were celebrated for their success in academics, their good behaviour and for being positive role models for their peers. Congratulations!

Year 7: Batyrkhan Kerimbaev Year 8: Alan Anarbekov Year 9: Kamilya Kerebekova Year 10: Maria Usup kyzy Year 11: Alina Dzhoroeva

2. KGRU Curriculum student Elizabeth brought the search engine Ecosia to the minds of Cambridge Curriculum students. Ecosia is a search engine that plants trees around the world with each search. Oxford International School is proud to announce that Ecosia is now the official search engine used in our ICT labs as we, we hope, help make the world a better place to live. If you’d like to use Ecosia, just visit and you, too, can help save our planet. Thank you, Elizabeth!

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